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Why Your Business Should Be Using Mobile Marketing

The world is mobile. There are 5 Billion mobile phone users worldwide. That means that your customers are mobile! Would it surprise you to learn that 91% of all people who…

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Mobile Website Design & Development

You have a website. It’s doing fine. Getting good traffic through to it. But have you thought about getting a mobile optimized website? Is it worth it? Surely it would be only a gimmick…

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Text Message Marketing for Business

The world we live in is becoming more mobile every day. If years ago e-mail was the way to market, today that way is by text message. Statistics show that over 90% of the people…

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Custom Mobile Apps for Businesses

If your business does not have a custom mobile app, you need to change that. We are truly living in a mobile digital era, and businesses that are savvy to that fact are far more likely to succeed…

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Mobile Marketing for Lawyers & Law Firms

Mobile marketing has never been more important than it is these days. Just look around you – how many smartphones do you see? They are truly everywhere, and many people are using them…

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Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs

Reach Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere! Most people, including your prospects and customers, leave the house with 3 things on them: their wallet, their keys, and their mobile…

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Doctors & Dentists

Mobile Marketing for Doctors and Dentists Since the advent of the internet, the way businesses connect with clients has been turned on its head. The days of referring to the…

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Beauty Salons & Spas

“Hair Salon Sees a 70% Reduction in ‘No-Shows’ because of Mobile Text Message Reminders!” Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Spas and Tanning Salons are perfect businesses for a text…

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